The loss of a loved one is a natural part of life, and all cultures have developed customs for grief and mourning. However, modern life presents many challenges to the normal grieving process. After someone dies, those who survive are bereaved (literally shorn off) from the person, experience feelings of grief, and engage in the activities and exercises of mourning. Depending on the relationship with the deceased, expectations of employers or friends, and existing supportive people, bereavement may be difficult to handle alone. Sankofa grief therapists help adults address loss, and our child grief counselors are equipped to assist children in understanding and coping with a death of a fmaily member or death of a friend.

If it feels like no one understands your stages of grieving, therapy may be able to help. Sankofa grief counselors truly listen to clients’ experiences, help clarify the way clients are thinking about the loss, and assist clients to get support from their social network when they are ready. If desired, Sankofa can provide group counseling and support that includes other people who have had similar experiences. Whether in individual or group therapy, Sankofa staff understand that every person’s experience is unique and valid.